Unlicenced Driving (2nd)

Unlicenced driving can be dealt with by way of infringement notice on the side of the road, issued by a member of police. It usually depends on which subsection applies.

Circumstances where an accused person is driving without a licence in circumstances where they have previously been disqualified by the court for drink or drug driving is the most serious category of unlicenced driving.

In these circumstances police have the power to impound or forfeit your motor vehicle depending on how many relevant tier 1 or tier 2 prior’s exist at the time.

If it is simply an offence under subsection (2) of section 18 of the Road Safety Act 1986, then police have no power to forfeit or impound your motor vehicle.

Different penalties apply in relation to unlicenced driving, to ascertain what penalty applies to you, you should call our office to make an appointment to discuss your case with one of our experienced traffic lawyers.

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