s319(1A) Dangerous Driving causing serious injury

Have you been charged with Dangerous Driving Causing Serious Injury?

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For a fuller a discussion in relation the various elements see dangerous driving causing death.

The only differences between dangerous driving causing death and dangerous driving causing serious injury are that the latter can be heard in the Magistrates Court although it will often be listed in the indictable stream and obviously, the level of injury differs, one relates to death and one relates to serious injury.

What is considered serious injury is defined in the definition section of the Crimes Act 1958. Section 15 of the act directs that for an injury to be serious it must be either

(a)     an injury (including the cumulative effect of more than one injury) that

(i)     endangers life; or

(ii)     is substantial and protracted; or

(b)     the destruction, other than in the course of a medical procedure, of the foetus of a pregnant woman, whether or not the woman suffers any other harm.

If you have been charged with dangerous driving causing serious injury you should treat the matter very seriously. Most people that are found guilty in relation to this charge will be at serious risk of serving immediate time in prison.

The law in relation to this area is often fraught with difficulty.

Engaging experienced lawyers in this area is absolutely critical.