Traffic Lawyers & Driving Offence Specialists Melbourne

Dribbin & Brown Traffic Lawyers regularly appear at all the local Magistrate’s courts representing clients charges with all manner of driving offences, including but not limited to, careless driving, dangerous driving, driving whilst suspended, driving whilst disqualified, loss of traction, make unnecessary noise, fail to have proper control and driving unlicensed amongst others.

There are numerous considerations regarding all driving offences

  • Does the offence attract demerit points?
  • Will the offence trigger ancillary ramifications with my Vicroads record?
  • Does the offence attract a mandatory minimum period off the road or is it a situation where a Magistrate or Judge has complete discretion regarding licence loss?
  • Are there any defences available that might support the matter to be withdrawn?

Every case is different, critically like any matter that is going to court, you should engage experienced traffic lawyers, that understand the courts, understand how the prosecutors work and that understand the law, to assist you in obtaining the very best outcome at court.