Speeding over 70km

Speeding offences involving speed in excess of 70km over the limit are serious offences.

If you have been lucky enough to only be charged under road rule 20, then you should go and buy a lotto ticket because under road rule 20, a Magistrate cannot impose a gaol sentence. There are other charges open to police regarding this speed, including speed dangerous (dangerous driving) and reckless conduct endangering serious injury and these are the charges that are often laid alongside the speeding offence.

Unfortunately though there is a mandatory minimum period of suspension that must also be imposed of 12 months. This by no means is the maximum and it is often the case that anyone doing these types of speed will be taken off the road from anywhere from two – four years. Not only will you be subject to licence loss, but will also accrue eight demerit points, these will be tacked on at the end of the court imposed suspension.

Further to the above ramifications, this offence is a tier one hoon offence. This means on a first offence you can be subject to vehicle impoundment and on a second offence, the forfeiture of your vehicle.

If you have to face court in relation to this offence, you would be well advised to seek the advice of an experienced traffic lawyer, bad representation can have serious ramifications for your life and your hip pocket.