Improper Use of Motor Vehicle

Improper Use of Motor Vehicle

Charges: The client was charged with Careless Driving section 65 of the Road Safety Act, Fail to have proper control of a motor vehicle section 297 of the Road Rules and Improper Use of a motor vehicle section 65A of the Road Safety Act.

Facts: The client had done a burnout turning left from a side street onto a main road. Police were sitting in the intersection.

Results: The client was a P-Plater and only had two points left. He did not want to lose any more points and wanted to keep any licence suspension to a minimum.

We negotiated the Improper Use charge (on the basis of intentional loss of traction) as this charge did not accrue demerit points. We did not want to plead guilty to the Careless Driving as this attracted three demerit points and would have seen the client lose his licence first at Court and then at Vicroads.

Following a plea of guilty to Improper Use, the Magistrate suspended the client for driving for a period of one month.  Because the Improper Use charge attracted no demerit points, the Court suspension would not be followed by a Vicroads suspension.

The client was very happy with the outcome.