Fail to Remain at the Scene of an Accident

Charges: Fail to Remain at the Scene of an Accident section 61(1)(a) Road Safety Act (RSA), Fail to Exchange details s61(1)(c) RSA; Careless Drive section 65 RSA. – Diversion Recommendation.

Facts: The client was driving to a department store. While parking her car in the carpark the client unknowingly bumped the side of another vehicle. The client got out of her car and was approached by a bystander who aggressively told her that she had damaged the other vehicle.

The client had two young children with her at the time. She was sure she had not bumped into the other car and subsequently walked away. In hindsight the client agreed that was an error of judgement, and to be safe she should have exchanged details with the bystander.

Results: The client was very keen to resolve the case and did not want to take the matter to a contested hearing. After a lengthy chat to the informant in the matter he was prepared to recommend her for a diversion.

A diversion means that any Court outcome would be sealed and the client would have no criminal record. The client worked for the council so having no record was critical to her.

After we provided references and other materials to the diversion coordinator her Honour decided to grant diversion and the client received no criminal record. She was very relieved.