Drink Driving Frankston

Drink Driving Frankston 

Charges: Drink Driving (BAC 0.074) section 49(1)(f) and s49(1)(b) of the Road Safety Act (Driving within 3 hours exceeding prescribed content of alcohol)

Facts: The client had been drinking the night before and into the early hours of the morning. The client woke early the next day and got into the car. Shortly after, she was pulled over by police.

The client’s BAC was 0.074 and, as it was a second offence, a Section 51 (Notice of Immediate Suspension) was issued.

Results: The client was about to go overseas when she came to see us and was very anxious to have the matter dealt with quickly. Our solicitor prepared her case and abridged the client’s matter to a closer date so that it could be heard as soon as possible.

The solicitor then attended Court and appeared in the client’s absence. This ensured that the case could be resolved quickly without the added stress to the client of changing her travel plans.

The client was sentenced to 14 months loss of licence (the mandatory minimum) and a fine. The loss of licence was backdated to the date of the s.51 notice.