Failing to Stop

Charges: Assault, Fail to Stop After an Accident, Fail to Provide Name and Address, Careless Driving and Willful Damage to Property. Dandenong Magistrates’ Court.

Facts: The client’s vehicle had accidentally bumped the rear end of the victim’s vehicle, whilst the client was exiting a fast food drive through. The client immediately apologised, however the victim became enraged and a scuffle ensued. The client then drove off, causing damage to the adjacent gardens.

Results: We negotiated the charges with the informant and the prosecution, and the matter proceeded only on the charges of Careless Driving and Willful Damage. The informant then agreed to recommend a diversion plan, which was granted with conditions attached. The client had to write letters of apology and gratitude,  and make a donation to a charity.

This was an excellent outcome for a number of reasons. Firstly, being granted a diversion meant the client did not lose his driver’s licence. Secondly, a Fail to Stop charge (which we managed to have dropped) implies some form of dishonest conduct. It is never good to have dishonest conduct represented on your record.