Licence Restoration

Licence Restoration

Facts: The client had numerous prior drink driving matters. They were all over 15 years old except for the most recent one. This charge related to a reading of .091.

Results: The client was a warehouse supervisor and was required to drive different delivery vehicles at work, so he needed his licence. If the client received an interlock condition on his licence, his job was in jeopardy.

The client was extremely nervous about appearing in Court and giving evidence. Prior to Court we ran through the various questions that would be asked of him in the witness box. We also went over the potential points of cross examination by the police prosecutor in relation to the client’s job requirements and current drinking habits.

Initially the client was easily confused by the questions, but having the opportunity to think about his answers to the questions before they were asked in open Court made all the difference, and his nerves improved. The application ran smoothly and the Magistrates exercised their discretion not to add an interlock condition to the client’s licence.

This case highlights the advantage of having someone on your side who can foresee which questions might come up during the application.