s30 Driving Whilst Disqualified etc.

Have you been charged with driving whilst disqualified, driving whilst suspended or driving unlicensed in Melbourne?

If so, you need to obtain advice from a law firm that has extensive experience handling these types of cases.

We regularly appear at the Moorabbin, Ringwood, Dandenong, Frankston & Melbourne Magistrates’ Courts representing clients facing driving offences, and we have offices at all of these localities.

If you have been charged with any of the above traffic offences and your freedom and your driver’s licence are important to you then enquire with our office today about representation.

In relation to driving whilst disqualified or driving whilst suspended, first time offenders can receive up to four months imprisonment and second time offenders face a maximum of two years. For unlicenced driving, depending on the facts surrounding the case, the Court can impose a sentence of between one and four months gaol.


Possible defences include (but are not limited to) Duress, Necessity, Identification, Factual Dispute and Honest and Reasonable Mistake (as to the status of your driver’s licence).

Also relevant is whether the prosecution will be making an application to impound your vehicle, as these offences are now categorised under hoon legislation.

See here for more information in relation to the differences between driving whilst disqualified and driving whilst suspended and for further information in relation to things that need to be considered before Court.

If you have already decided to engage a lawyer to assist you then call our office today. Don’t leave your ability to drive in Victoria to chance.